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The video recording is now available for the Mast Cell Disorders - More Than Just Hives webinar held on June 12, 2019. 

Dr. Ben-Shoshan provides a detailed overview of mast cell disorders.  His presentation has the perfect balance of scientific information and clinical case studies, making it relatable for anyone impacted by mast cell disease.


There were many great questions asked but, unfortunately we didn't get a chance to answer them all during the webinar.  Here is a list of all questions (and answers) asked during the webinar.  Thank you to the participants for being engaged and asking some great questions!


Dr. Ben-Shoshan's presentation can be found here.  



Mastocytosis Society Canada (MSC) offered this webinar free of charge to promote awareness and provide support for those impacted by mast cell disease.

As a registered Canadian charity, we rely on generous, compassionate people like you to support and further our work. Your donation truly makes a difference and allows us to fund activities like this webinar, where we bear the cost of technology.

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