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MSC was created to assist patients, caregivers and health care professionals learn more about mast cell disorders and to lean on each other for support. The audience we support is quite diverse and includes:

  • newly diagnosed patients,
  • patients in search of a diagnosis,
  • caregivers of young children or elderly parents with mast cell concerns and
  • health care professionals who are trying to provide the best health care they can to their mast cell patients.

MSC is grateful for all grants and donations which help fund our current activities.  Your donation will help:

  • Attendance at Conferences:  MSC attends the annual Canadian Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (CSACI) conference.  This conference offers MSC an opportunity to raise awareness of mast cell disease among Allergists and Immunologists, who are the most likely to be presented with cases of mast cell disease.  This conference has proven very successful in raising awareness and interest in mast cell disease among physicians.
  • Reference Materials:  MSC uses a number of diverse methods to provide information and support to patients, caregivers and heath care providers.  These methods include website, blogs, newsletters, letters, thank you cards, email, etc.  There is a small cost to maintaining and evolving these communication methods.  
  • Videos and Webinars:  MSC would like to expand our communication methods to include videos and webinars such as interviews with experts, explanations of mast cell disorders and other vitally important information for patients and caregivers.  
  • MSC Administration:  MSC currently has two committees who meet regularly including the Board of Directors and the Medical Advisory Committee.  There is a nominal cost to provide the appropriate technology for these committees to communicate and collaborate effectively.  In addition, MSC undergoes a formal financial audit every year to ensure we are fully compliant with all government rules and regulations.