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Preparing for your doctor’s appointment can be as important as getting the appointment itself.  Here are a few tips to prepare yourself for that visit:

  • Advocate:  Become your own advocate for your health and well-being.
  • Write it Down:  Monitor your health and record your symptoms (every day if necessary).  You may forget certain things when you present at your Doctor's office or the Emergency Room. Having a record of your symptoms may help outline what you have been dealing with. 
  • Triggers:  Try to establish what your triggers are.  When your health changes, no matter what degree, record:
    • where you were
    • what you were doing at the time
    • what did you eat/drink
    • what were you exposed to (i.e. fragrances, chemicals)
    • were you under any stress
    • was it too hot or cold
  • Symptoms:  Monitor your symptoms including type and duraction.
    • were you short of breath
    • did your GI tract react
    • were you itchy  
    • did your skin react
    • did you feel depressed
    • did your heart rate increase or decrease
  • Prepare Questions in Advance:  Be prepared with a list of questions in advance of your doctor's visit.
  • Have Patience:  Remember that any illness takes time to diagnosis. This  is a rare disease and caregivers may not be familiar with this disease.
    • If you feel ill and your body is telling to seek care, listen and get care.
    • If you need to rest, REST.
    • If you need to talk, talk to a family member or friend.
    • If you think you are not being heard, advocate to be heard.

If your physician agrees that Mast Cell disease may be a possibility, feel free to reach out to MSC to find a specialist in your area that is knowledgeable about diagnosis and treatment.