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MSC is focused on several key initiatives to help meet our key objectives and provide the best support we can.  

  1. Medical Advisory Committee - MSC recently created a Medical Advisory Committee made up of a team of health care professionals (doctors, nurses, naturopaths, dieticians) who will leverage their knowledge and experience to help create health care protocols and assist in raising awareness of mast cell disease within the medical community.  If you are a medical professional and wish to join this committee, please contact us at
  2. Educational Programming - MSC is focused on creating programming to help educate patients, caregivers and physicians on mast cell disease.  This programming will focus on key aspects of mast cell disease including diagnosis, treatment, nutrition, etc.  This information will be delivered through a variety of mediums including brochures, website, video, web conference, etc.
  3. Canadian Physician List - MSC continues to focus on compiling a list of physicians across Canada who have knowledge and experience with mast cell disease.  If you require assistance finding a physician in your area, please email us at
  4. Fundraising and Volunteering - Achieving these initiatives requires money and volunteer support.  MSC is continually looking for opportunities to raise money through grants and personal donations.  Please contact us if you would like to volunteer your time or make a donation.