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Welcome to the Mastocytosis Society Canada (MSC) Blog!  This blog will be full of helpful information including research from industry experts, understanding mast cells, nutrition and food sensitivity, patient stories, living with mast cell disease…and the list goes on.


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But those are just our thoughts and ideas.  To better understand what you want to hear, learn and talk about, we want to hear from you!

There are some great bloggers already sharing information about mast cell disease. Our goal is not to be redundant, but rather to share each other’s messages. We will reach out to these bloggers to see if they would be comfortable if we shared their message on our blog. And the same goes for you. If you have a message you would like to share or a post you’d like to write, please let us know. More hands make lighter work, and the more we learn from each other the better chance we have at making peace with our crazy mast cells.

So, stay tuned for what we hope will be a weekly blog. We will be sharing our posts on the Mastocytosis Society Canada Facebook page and with the Canadian Masties Facebook group.  Please remember this blog is for YOU so we welcome your thoughts, ideas, suggestions, feedback and discussions. Please feel free to comment on the FB posts or send us an email at We look very forward to hearing from you!


About Mastocytosis Society Canada

For those unfamiliar with us, MSC is a Canadian organization dedicated to raising awareness and providing support + guidance to those impacted by mast cell disease. We are a small group of volunteers who support patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals through our:

  • website which provides great information on diagnosis, treatment and living with mast cell disease.
  • list of Canadian physicians who we believe have knowledge and experience diagnosing and treating mast cell disease.
  • attendance at physician conferences to improve their awareness about these complicated diseases.
  • new MSC Blog which will communicate helpful information to patients and caregivers so they don’t feel they are on this journey alone.


ShawnaLechner RumpelThis article was submitted by Shawna Lechner-Rumpel, Director at Mastocytosis Society Canada.  By day, Shawna is a Senior Business Planner for a large, local company. In her spare time, she volunteers at MSC, allowing her to use her business and leadership skills to help others. A Mastocytosis patient herself, Shawna is committed to helping others enjoy the best possible quality of life.