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Question #3:   Mastocytosis and Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS) are the same thing.

Question #4:   Mast cells that are not functioning properly can often cause anaphylactic reactions that are difficult to control. 

Select all symptoms that a mast cell patient might experience:

Question #5:   There is currently no cure for mast cell disease.  Patients are encouraged to control their disease through a combination of medications and trigger avoidance.

 Select the most common triggers that cause mast cells to activate (in mast cell disease):

Question #6:   All mast cell patients respond in the same way to known triggers.   

Question #7:   Nutrition plays a key role in the management of mast cell disease.

Question #8:   There are many ways you can support a loved one who has mast cell disease.  

Select all that apply:

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about mast cell disease!


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Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2020 Mastocytosis & Mast Cell Diseases Awarenss Day, whethere it was by submitting stories, donating or sharing information! This day happens on Oct 20 every year and we look forward to next year's date. Together we can help bring awarness to these diseases.

This year we asked you to send us in stories following a specific format (there were two options) and these were shared on Facebook and Twitter and we decided to share them here until it's time for the 2021 event.


MSC believes that information and support should be available to anyone who needs it. In keeping with that idea, we are moving away from a formal membership model and adopting more of an informal community for mast cell supporters.

One key aspect of this community will be a MSC Blog (coming soon). If you would like to receive information regarding research, expert opinions, patient stories, tips/tricks or details about our organization, please share your contact information and we will be happy to keep you in the loop. 

Of course, donations and a willingness to share your time are always helpful in providing education, support and care for all patients suffering from mast cell disease. Your generosity is truly appreciated!


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MSC has set up the following volunteer committees to help further achieve our goals and objectives.  
  • The Fundraising Committee will commit to raising funds through donations, grants and fundraisers.  These funds will be used to advance our goals of awareness, education and support of patients, caregivers and physicians.

Board of Director Prime:  Paula Varvaro
Frequency:  One Fundraising Committee meeting per month (approx. 1 hour)
  • The Communications Committee will commit to sharing valuable information with the mast cell community through the use of our website and blog.  The committee will focus on maintaining our industry leading website, translating the website to French, and creating an informative blog to help spread awareness, education and support of mast cell disease.

Board of Director Prime:  Shawna Lechner-Rumpel
Frequency:  One Communications Committee meeting per month (approx. 1 hour)
  • The Medical Intelligence Committee (MIC) will be the gatekeeper to our official Medical Advisory Committee.  The Medical Intelligence Committee will seek out research on all forms of mast cell disease, distill the information into layman’s terms, and present to our Medical Advisory Committee.  Once approved, the information will be communicated via the appropriate communication mechanism.  The MIC will also continue to build and refine our Canadian list of physicians who have knowledge and experience with mast cell disease and gather information from patients to better understand mast cell disease and its effect on patients.  

Board of Director Prime:  TBD
Frequency:  One Medical Intelligence Committee meeting per month (approx. 1 hour)
  •  The Awareness and Education Committee will look for opportunities to increase awareness of mast cell disease among specific audiences including patients (pediatric, adult, geriatric), physicians (allergists, immunologists, dermatologists, general practitioners, etc.) and caregivers.  They will provide education, guidelines and other necessary supports to ensure audience needs are met.  
Board of Director Prime:  TBD
Frequency:  One Awareness and Education Committee meeting per month (approx. 1 hour)
  • The Patient Support Committee will focus on patient support through the use of email and other technologies and through the establishment of support groups (either geographical or virtual).  

Board of Directors Prime:  TBD
Frequency:  As necessary.  
If you are interested in volunteering on one (or more) of these committees, please complete this form and we will happily respond with further information and instruction. 
MSC hosts meetings using an on-line meeting format.  


Our organization has become a valuable resource for patients, caregivers and health care professionals who are seeking knowledge and information about Mastocytosis, MCAS and IA.  Our mission is to provide education, support and care to improve the quality of life for all patients suffering from mast cell disease.

As a not-for-profit organization, we rely on generous, compassionate people like you to support our work: 

  • finding the most current medical and research information
  • developing the best tools to provide education, support and care
  • ensuring that every person who seeks support from MSC will receive empathy, compassion and understanding for their unique situation

Make your tax deductible gift and be part of our work as a newly registered charity.

You may use any of these three convenient options to donate.  Official tax receipts will be issued by email in January.  

eTransfer - Send your donation by eTransfer to  All eTransfers will be automatically deposited into the MSC bank account.  Please include your name, address and telephone number for your official donation receipt. 

Cheque - Send you donation by cheque to the address below. Please include your name, address and telephone number for your official donation receipt.

Mastocytosis Society Canada
4305 Preston Crescent
Regina, Saskatchewan
S4X 0C9


PayPal - Complete the below form which will redirect you to PayPal to complete your donation transaction.  

PayPal Form



On submission, you will be redirected to for payment submission.  You are not required to have a PayPal account to submit payment information.

Thank you for your kind donation.


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MSC was created to assist patients, caregivers and health care professionals learn more about mast cell disorders and to lean on each other for support. The audience we support is quite diverse and includes:

  • newly diagnosed patients,
  • patients in search of a diagnosis,
  • caregivers of young children or elderly parents with mast cell concerns and
  • health care professionals who are trying to provide the best health care they can to their mast cell patients.

MSC is grateful for all grants and donations which help fund our current activities.  Your donation will help:

  • Attendance at Conferences:  MSC attends the annual Canadian Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (CSACI) conference.  This conference offers MSC an opportunity to raise awareness of mast cell disease among Allergists and Immunologists, who are the most likely to be presented with cases of mast cell disease.  This conference has proven very successful in raising awareness and interest in mast cell disease among physicians.
  • Reference Materials:  MSC uses a number of diverse methods to provide information and support to patients, caregivers and heath care providers.  These methods include website, blogs, newsletters, letters, thank you cards, email, etc.  There is a small cost to maintaining and evolving these communication methods.  
  • Videos and Webinars:  MSC would like to expand our communication methods to include videos and webinars such as interviews with experts, explanations of mast cell disorders and other vitally important information for patients and caregivers.  
  • MSC Administration:  MSC currently has two committees who meet regularly including the Board of Directors and the Medical Advisory Committee.  There is a nominal cost to provide the appropriate technology for these committees to communicate and collaborate effectively.  In addition, MSC undergoes a formal financial audit every year to ensure we are fully compliant with all government rules and regulations.