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Question #3:   Mastocytosis and Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS) are the same thing.

Question #4:   Mast cells that are not functioning properly can often cause anaphylactic reactions that are difficult to control. 

Select all symptoms that a mast cell patient might experience:

Question #5:   There is currently no cure for mast cell disease.  Patients are encouraged to control their disease through a combination of medications and trigger avoidance.

 Select the most common triggers that cause mast cells to activate (in mast cell disease):

Question #6:   All mast cell patients respond in the same way to known triggers.   

Question #7:   Nutrition plays a key role in the management of mast cell disease.

Question #8:   There are many ways you can support a loved one who has mast cell disease.  

Select all that apply:

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