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Mastocytosis Society Canada (MSC) was created by and for patients, caregivers & health professionals in Canada.

Our *FREE* online support forum has Canadian registered participants. We are all patients, caregivers, friends or health professionals dealing with mastocytosis, mast cell activation, idiopathic anaphylaxis and everything related to same. MSC efforts and activities to help you are listed below.

We provide compassionate counselling & mutual support across Canada:-
  • We encourage Patients, Caregivers, their Family and Friends to join our free confidential online support forum;
  • We actively connect forum participants with others in their area of Canada;
  • We personally respond to address needs and questions on the forum, by telephone and/or email;
  • MSC provides a monthly newsletter to all forum participants about the latest medical advances, healthcare news in Canada, and the latest concerns & needs of fellow participants.

  • We educate & inform patients, caregivers, the Canadian public & healthcare providers:-
  • We built & maintain a website to educate and inform about mastocytosis and related mast cell disorders;
  • We created an information pamphlet for patients, caregivers & healthcare professionals;
  • We wrote a Patient Experience Letter to assist patients in advocating for themselves & improve understanding;
  • In 2009 MSC contributed to a medical paper with Dr. Gary Sibbald which was published by University of Toronto;
  • Directors & Volunteers participate in medical conferences & national media interviews related to these disorders;
  • MSC tracks & shares the latest medical advances for these disorders with Canadian physicians and patients;
  • In 2011 we hosted a Medical Lecture for Physicians at University of Toronto & published the transcript;
  • MSC Directors & Volunteers actively work to hold fundraisers to raise awareness & increase our resources;
  • MSC is creating an Educational Video to support pediatric patients & their schools in Canada;
  • We are establishing a Canadian National Interprofessional & Medical Advisory Committee with Dr. Gary Sibbald;
  • As our finances grow, we intend to annually host a Physician & Patient Conference in Canada.

  • MSC maintains referral listings of healthcare providers & other services:-
  • We connect patients with experienced Mastocytosis Canadian physicians as close to their home as possible;
  • We encourage patients to register with MedicAlert Canada to protect their lives & utilize electronic health records;
  • We track which provinces need help to improve patient diagnostics and treatment & work toward improving same;
  • We track medication shortages, send electronic alerts to patients & physicians, and source alternative suppliers in Canada as needed.

  • MSC encourages & supports research into causes, controls & cure of Mastocytosis & related Mast cell disorders:-
  • In 2012 we conducted an international Patient Survey with Dr. Gary Sibbald to learn more about these disorders;
  • We advise patients and physicians of clinical trials specifically related to these disorders;
  • We alert patients to genetic studies related to these disorders and encourage their participation;
  • We have established a Research Fund intended to grow over time to support medical research for these disorders in Canada.

  • Our forum participants are actively sharing their experiences with mastocytosis and the many complications we endure,
    and those we are at risk of developing.

    Our efforts are achieved by volunteer hard work. However, to fully meet the needs of people in Canada dealing with these disorders, we need more volunteers and financial help. We hope you will support us by volunteering, donating and/or by paying a membership fee of $25.00, payable to "Mastocytosis Society Canada" by mail or by online payment via PayPal.

    Mailing & Contact Information:-
    Mastocytosis Society Canada
    4305 Preston Crescent
    Regina, Saskatchewan
    S4X 0C9
    Email:- info@mastocytosis.ca

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